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Max Elevator is a pioneer name when it comes to Passenger Elevator Manufacturers in India. We cater satisfactorily to our clients’ requirements in diverse industry verticals, be it hotels, banks, residential apartments, and similar applications, where the ease of use by individuals is important.

Employing advanced technology and best raw materials, we manufacture passenger elevators that last for longer and meet different requirements and orientations. Led by highly experienced and skilled team, Max Elevator has been able to touch the frontiers of excellence through dedication and innovation.

Whether it’s Passenger Elevators, Hospital Elevators, and other Capsule Elevators installed in malls and Hotels, we manufacture all of them in different color schemes. Our elevators are available with variable voltage, variable frequency drive, and energy efficiency. While manufacturing the elevators, we take care of their simplicity, speed, efficiency, and easy maintenance.

Salient Features

One of the leading Passenger Elevator Manufacturers in India, we make sure to instill every possible feature that makes our elevator best in class. Keeping in mind the safety concerns and other requirements, our elevators come with the following features depending on the requirements and model purchased:

  • Battery Operated Siren
  • Call Registration Light System
  • Digital Floor Position Indicators
  • Decorative Special Hall Buttons
  • Decorative False Ceiling
  • High-Speed Fan and Tube lights
  • Safety brakes, door sensors
  • Door closing devices, door restraints
  • Emergency evacuation feature
  • Hoistway door interlocks
  • Hoistway safety switches

  • Besides these features, the passenger elevators manufactured by us also come with:

    Automatic Rescue Device (ARD): ARD system helps bring the lift at the nearest floor in case of power failure. It works on batteries and becomes active only in case of power failure. Thus, it prevents anyone from being trapped inside the lift.

    Overload Indicator & Cut Off Systems: We add this device to the passenger lift to indicate the overloaded condition and prevents the elevator from operating until the load is reduced to its capacity.

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