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Max Elevator is engaged in developing, manufacturing, selling, and providing service of a wide range of passenger lifts at a very low price in India. We tend to stand at the forefront when it comes to manufacture and supply the best quality and most reliable passenger lifts in the country. To achieve this, we make sure to manufacturer our products using advanced technologies and the best quality raw materials as one of the renowned Passenger Lift Manufacturers.
At Max Elevator, we are committed to installing all types of passenger lifts in malls, multiplex residential buildings, hospitals, colleges, government building,s and more. Below is a list of different types of passengers lifts we manufacturer and install:

  • Capsule lifts
  • Automatic lifts
  • Glass-door lifts
  • Manual door lifts
  • Panoramic lifts
  • Automatic passenger lifts
  • Automatic door lifts

  • Reliability and high quality are the secrets of our passenger lifts being appreciated by our customers. All our products are supported by advanced product technologies that allow us to respond to the growing requirements for highly efficient vertical solutions. Max Elevator continues to prompt the next-generation lifts society and your projects.

    Safety Features

    One of the most trusted Passenger Lift Manufacturers in India, we keep safety in our priority line. For this, we are capable of equipping in the transportation systems world-class safety features, including but not limited to:

  • Door sensors & safety brakes
  • Door closing devices
  • Door restraints
  • Emergency evacuation feature
  • Emergency battery
  • Emergency lowering device
  • Emergency lighting system
  • Overload indicators & alarm
  • Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) to bring the lift at the nearest floor in case of power failure
  • Handrail guards
  • Sensors to trigger an automatic shutdown if a component is outside of its normal position
  • Varied size and loading capacity

  • Give a call for more information about the passenger lifts manufactured by us or placing your order for the quick delivery.

    ISO 9001:2015 certified. we always give quality material to our clients

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